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Monday, 11 January 2016

How to Get A Passport in Canada - Process of Application of Canadian Passport And Indian Visa

How about an Indian Vacation? Specifics for NRIs of Canada about Passport and Visa Application

In Canada, there are approximately 800,000 NRIs. In this structure, 42% are Hindu, 39% are Sikh, and the remainder are Muslim, Christian, Jain and Buddhist. Punjabis constitute for more than half of the NRI population in Canada.

Applying for Indian Passport from Canada

Acquiring passport for NRIs in India is process oriented activity. One needs to follow certain steps, submit certain documents and wait for stipulated time for delivery. NRI applying for Indian passport from Canada shall lodge passport request on the registered website.  This link will automatically generate and unique Web File Number and PDF file. The respective claimant is expected to take a print out of the PDF file produced after lodging the submission.

General Guidelines for Indian Passport from Canada

·         Indian passport notifies the individuality of the person in a foreign country. Hence it is imperative to have it issued again before the date of termination. In such cases passport can be sent for re-issue up to one year beforehand the date of expiration.
·         The Indian passport is a treasured file. It should always be either in the applicant’s guardianship or in the supervision of a person duly accredited by the applicant. If lost or ruined, the loss case and surroundings should be directly reported to the local police.
·         It is always advisable to keep a neat and readable photocopy of the Indian passport at a safe place. The photocopied version should contain the sheets displaying the individual particulars, legitimacy of the passport, issue date/place of and the authorised stamp of parting from India, admission in Canada and the visa allotted by the Canadian high command.
·         In Canada, all NRI minors should have a separate passport compulsorily. The age old rule of endorsing a child’s name in the Passport of either of the parents is obsolete now.
·         On procuring Canadian nationality, the Indian passport should be acquiesced to the adjoining High Commission of India for termination.  Moreover the cancelled passport is returned to the holder after the termination process is over and done with.
Using the old Indian passport for traveling to homeland after obtaining the foreign nationality is a crime and the person doing so can be highly punished and penalised.  It is extremely important to remember that after gaining Canadian citizenship, one do not remain an Indian citizen and require a valid Indian visa to travel back to India.
·         If any Indian, before or after gaining Canadian citizenship, wishes to get the following services like Emergency Passport, Attestation, Carriage of ashes, Life certificate and renewal of loss or spoiled passport; the Canadian High Commission, Indian High Commission or Consulate General of India may request for additional documents.

Applying for an Indian Visa from Canada

Indians living in Canada and designated with Canadian citizenship necessarily require the valid Indian visa to travel to their homeland. For applying and getting Indian visa from Canada, there are certain steps and guidelines to be followed.

 General Guidelines for Indian Visa from Canada

·         All foreign residents (except Nepal and Bhutan) need a visa to enter India.
·         Inhabitants of Luxembourg Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Finland and Vietnam can receive a Visa on Arrival. The visa legitimacy will be for one month and one time entry to the country is permitted. It is obtainable only at the International airports at the four metropolitan cities of India; namely Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai.
·         Visas can only be dispensed only and strictly on valid passports and certainly not on travel documents except in the case of Tibetan inhabitants.
·         If the person is refused of his entry, or if the visa application is cancelled, the fee of Visa stands non-refundable.
·         The passport of the Indian travelling to India should be effective for a minimum period of 190 days and must contain 2 empty leaves. One page should be used to endorse the visa sticker and the other leaf should be used during immigration and emigration process.
·         The receipt of visa fee does not inevitably promise a visa. The High Commission of India and the Consulate General in Canada bear complete authority and command to defer or decline visa permission without providing any legitimate reason. No NRI has the right to question any such refusal cases.
·         Immunisation is not compulsory for people drifting to India from Canada. A medical investigation for AIDS is mandatory for people within age group of 18 to 70 years who wish to stay in India an year or above.
·         In case of a backup two references should be notified: one in India and one in Canada on the Visa application form.
·         It needs to be warranted that the travelling Indian should inform the most recent and complete contact particulars on the visa application form. The authority may need to contact applicant at any given point of time.

It is advisable to all Indian, not make any travel plan, arrangements and booking before receiving the Visa. The visa for India is valid for 6 months. It is also extremely important to return to Canada within restricted time period.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

How to Get a Passport in India - Application Process and Application Tracking Info

Getting a passport in India has now become a quite simple and easy task, thanks to the government of India, (the only government document said to be formed without any errors). There are certain things that you might have heard from others like the application form, verification process and visiting PSK (Passport Seva Kendra). Before we get to the pin point details about the process, there are some things that you should learn about the types of passports and types of applications, both are briefly described below.

Types of Indian Passports

  • There are basically three types of passports issued by the government of India.
  • The first is the regular passport which has a navy blue cover; this passport is issued to the common citizens of India for travelling needs.
  • The second is a white cover passport which is issued to representatives of the Indian government who are travelling for service or country business.
  • The last is the Maroon cover passport which is issued only to high priority people including top government officials and diplomats.
  • They are represented by the letters ‘P’,’S’,’D’, where ‘P’ stands for personal, ‘S’ stands for service (white cover) and ‘D’ stands for Diplomatic Passport.

Types of Passport Applications

Besides your needs, you can get the Indian Passport in two ways, one is the regular process which everyone generally has to follow and the other is the tatkal scheme for urgent needs. The Indian government has made it quite easy for you to get any of the one. The regular process obviously takes time more than the ‘tatkal’ scheme, there are certain steps involved in both of the application processesthese steps are further mentioned in detail.

Complete Process of attaining a passport

First things first, let’s first know about the general terms used during the process explanation.
PSK: PSK is the short form for Passport Seva Kendra, the office that you would have to visit (along with you original documents) for documentation, fingerprint and other things required.
PO: The PO stands for Passport Office, PSK’s lie under PO. A passport office controls over the PSK and handles all the reviewing, printing, and dispatch of all sorts of passports.

The Application Process:

  •     You can submit the application form online at official site and register yourself for an appointment at the PSK.
  •         You will get a receipt having your time and date of appointment, you must carry that receipt and a copy of the filled form along with you at the PSK.
  •    Take note of all the things that you would need to fill, bring them together and complete your form carefully. 
  •     If you submit form incorrectly or with wrong credentials your application would be rejected and you would have to apply again.

Also keep in note that you can change the appointment time and day for two times only.

  Here are some guidelines to help you fill the form:
1.      You must use capital letters only, the details filled by you are printed on the passport itself; make sure you do not make any mistake.
2.      If you are downloading the form, fill it using a Ball pen only.
3.      Do not overwrite on the form.
4.      Forms with incomplete, over-written and incorrect details would be rejected.
There are generally 3-4 sections at a PSK, the first would be where your documents are checked, the second handling with your passport photo and fingerprints and the third would be verification (further in 3 sections).
Keep in mind that, when you will be going to the PSK, you will have to take along all the identity and address proofs (both originals) that you have mentioned in the application, your documents would be reviewed and you will be handed a receipt and envelope at the first counter.
After your visit at the PSK, if you pass through all the three processes you will be handed a counter receipt hold on to that until you receive your passport. The last process remaining would be a Police Verification. Though a notification to your nearest police station would be automatically sent by the PO, you can still apply for the Police Verification online; the verification visit would be completed within 6-7 days after your visit at the PSK.
  • In normal quota, the fee for general application of passport isRs1500,the general book will contain 36 leaves, if you want to for 60 leaves you will have to pay Rs 2000.
  • In tatkal quota you will have to pay Rs 3500 for 36 leaves and Rs 4000 for 60.

Verification Process:
  •        The verification is simple, an officer would visit your house (basically to confirm that you live there), they will just inquire your two neighbors for your verification and it is done.
  •          The passport will then be delivered at your doorstep.
  •        You will be receiving timely notifications about the transition of your passport if you opt in for the SMS facility.

The Tatkal Scheme enables citizens to attain passport on urgent travel basis, the formalities are mostly the same but the fees is higher and there is a certain criteria for citizens who can apply, you can easily find details on the Official passport site by government.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

How Long Does It Take to Get a Passport? -Time Taken By Passport Authorities

Having a Passport is a mandatory for people to enter into USA either by air, land or sea. Without it, you will not be allowed out of the port. USA have been implementing stronger rules since the terrorist attack on September 11th 2001 and without a passport it is impossible to enter into USA from any part of the world. 

Applying for a new passport takes some time if you are applying it for the first time. Depending on your age and other particulars, there are various documents that needed to be submitted as well as verified before you hold the passport ready in your hands. 

After your appointment at the passport acceptance office, the process usually takes about four to six weeks. So it will take about two to three weeks to make ready with all the required documents before applying. Hence plan and apply for the passport before two or three months of your travel date.

There are few factors that matter for how long it can take to get a passport. Take a look at them below and decide when you need to apply for the passport.

1. Processing time by the Passport Services

Gettingthe passport after you have attended your appointment and have submitted all the required documents depends on the processing time. The process time varies for every person. The processing time depends on the number of application are there for processing, holidays, natural disasters, international games and sports seasons, festivals like Christmas etc are some of the reasons that contribute to the increase in the delay of the process. As in these occasions’ people from different places apply to travel and the passport services are loaded by
US Passport picture
the applicants. Applying for a passport in these kinds of situations can make it longer to receive the passport.

2. Places of Application

Getting your passport also depends on the place from where you have applied and how it is applied. Application that is mailed directly or through a passport office may take up to 6 weeks or 3 weeks if the request is for speed processing due to various reasons listed. Citizens if USA can apply at a regional agency to get the passport faster. There are certain reasons and situation in which the passport can be obtained on the same day when applied in regional agency directly, which will be discussed in the later of this article.

3. First time Applicants

You can apply passport from official website or offline as well.
When you apply for a passport for the first time, there are multiple steps to be followed.
·   Apart from the application form, you need to submit various documents which require seal from particular government officials, which again takes some amount of time to get in touch with the official and to get a seal and signature.
·  You need to submit your original birth certificate and make sure all the details are same and there are no changes in the application form and other documents submitted as proof.
·    Else, you also have to get permission for the necessary changes which can delay the submission and process.

4.  Minor Passport

Children under the age of 16 should be present in person at the time of applying and have to sign in the passport office. They are considered as minor and should be present along with their parents. In case of any one of the parents cannot make it to be present at the time of applying process, they need to submit a form as the reason for not being there. If the parent is a single parent, he or she should submit the court order of sole custody of the child or if the child do not have parents and live under a guardian, the Government documents of the same should be submitted along with the other application, which need to be verified. All these processes may further prolong the time that may take to get the passport finally.

5. Expedited Service

Expedited services are the speedy delivery of the passport at reasonable circumstances. You can apply for expedited service of the passport which has a different price and is costlier than the standard normal process.

6. Emergencies

In case of life or death emergencies many a times you may have to travel immediately and you can request for an emergency passport from the passport office. In these kinds of situations, you will be required to show a proof of the emergency. After providing proof and if it gets approved, the passport will be delivered in few days.

With all these different circumstances many times getting a passport takes more than a month and sometimes during a vacation or any other traveling seasons, the process can get longer than usual. Sometimes when there is no much of demand and there are fewer applicants it gets faster and you can get lucky. Hence it is always best to plan ahead of your travel and make sure you keep plenty of time to gather all necessary documents, apply, visit the appointment and give time for processing. Also a thorough check with all the documents can help not to get rejected which may delay the process. 

Friday, 1 January 2016

Check Passport Status- Process to check US Passport Application Status

Applying for a passport is a process of weeks to a month or two. After applying for a passport the process can be tracked and you can know it's status and possible date as when it will be delivered. Entering or going out of the USA to other countries requires a passport and without it you will not be allowed to travel. Depending on the places you are traveling, you will be required to get a visa as well. To apply for a visa you need to have your passport ready. 

People applying for a passport for the first time might need to collect all the necessary documents and submitting the forms along with all the documents will take few weeks of time. There are different ways of applying for the passport. One could do it online, by post, or in person visiting the passport office. However, you need to be present on the appointed date.

Applicants will be given a date and time for applying and submitting. Once the process begins the time taken on a normal circumstance can vary between 4-6 weeks. Although there are various situations for applying and time taken depends on the type of application. 

The passport processing status can be checked and you can follow the status and know when the passport might be delivered. The passport application can be denied sometimes due to various reasons such as if there are any pending court orders and declarations, if the previous passport was revoked, defaulted loan from the Department of the state or if you owe child support. There is a possibility your application will be denied if any of these reasons are applicable and the status reflects the same. 

Track Passport Application

The process will proceed only when you clear the issue in hand or show any appropriate document if you are not guilty. The status shows as denied, when your application does not get processed. In such cases, you will be given a certain amount to correct what ever might be stopping the process and once it is done the process will be moved.

Here are the ways as how you can check the status of your passport application process.

1. Online Status Check

Like all other websites, the passport status also will be updated online and applicants can always track the process of their passport status by visiting the official website of the passport office. The status will be available online for viewing after five to seven days after applying. To check the status you need to provide details as given in the application. Particulars such as the name date of birth and other information. Once this information entered, you will be provided with the status of the processing of your passport. Depending on the status you can decide by when it will be delivered. The website provides clear information on all the details about the status and delivery.

2. Phone in service - Check Status on Phone Call

The most common and comfortable service is through a phone call. You can check the status of your passport application process; you can make a phone call to the U.S Department of State. The number to make the phone call from within the United States is 877-487-2778. Your phone call will be transformed to a call representative who is available on Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. To 10 p.m. EST. The representatives will ask for your details that are entered in the application form. Looking into their database, you will be provided with the details of the status of your application. People staying outside or if you want to know the status being in any outer part of the country, can call the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

3. E-mail services - Get Status in Your Mail

One of the easy and faster means of communication is by e-mail. You can also check the status of your passport through the e-mail services. E-mail the U.S. Department of State at and obtain the status details by e-mail. Most of the inquiries are answered within 24 hours. But if there are any national festivals or any other holiday, the response to the e-mail might take little longer than the usual. In case of no response, check for replies in spam and other folder as well before concluding of no reply, as this happens many a time when the address is not in our contact list.

4. Application not found

Sometimes due to various reasons the tracking details might be empty and there might not be any update. Situations like the proof documents and application details to not match. If the status is not found or if there is no update even within the time frame allotted for tracking updates. In such cases, it is best if you call the Department of State and check out for the reason of the not found status. E-mail way of contacting might take more time and to talk to a person directly will be more useful to avoid delay in the process.

5. Other circumstances

In certain circumstances, like if you have applied for a new official, diplomatic or any other no-fee passport, you should contact the travel office you had submitted your application to know the status of your application as they will have all the entire details.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

How to Check Passport Status- Track Passport Application Online Procedure

Have you already applied for a passport? Are you not aware of the status of your passport application? Do you want to know in what stage your application for passport is? Do you wish to know when you will receive your passport? If you think a yes is an answer for all the questioned stated above, then you definitely need to check your passport application status.

If you have already applied for a passport, visited the passport seva Kendra and received the acknowledgement form from the officials in the passport center and are waiting for your passport, do not think that your passport will arrive in two to three days. A large number of processes have to take place in the background to verify all your personal details and address which was submitted along with the application form.
What are the steps to be followed to track the status of your passport application?
Once all the information provided by you is confirmed to be genuine and flawless, the applicant’s  passport is sent to the address mentioned in the application form. You can track the passport application status by following a small number of simple and easy steps.
  • Step 1: visit the official website of Indian Passport: to know the exact status of your application of passport, it is a must for you to visit the following page, Passport India’s official website.
  • Step 2:  click on the “Track Application Status” that appears on the left hand side of the website. You will be landing at the page where you can get to know the status of your passport application. In this we b page, it is necessary for you to enter the correct details which are mandatory to fetch the appropriate details of your passport.
In the first field you must select the application status. In the next field you have to provide the file number of your passport application. The file number can be obtained from the receipt of the acknowledgement that is given in the Passport Seva Kendra during the Section C. Usually the assistant passport officer gives the copy of this acknowledgement. In the third field you must enter the date of birth of the applicant that is mentioned during the application of the passport. It should be matching as the one which is mentioned in the applicant’s birth certificate.

  • Step 3:  choose the “Track now” option that appears below the three mandatory fields. The status of your application cannot be fetched if any of these fields are left blank or if incorrect data is fed. Once the correct data is entered, you will be led to a new webpage which shows clearly the passport application status of the applicant. Based on the status, you can easily get a clear picture as to when the passport may arrive at your residence.
Apart from the official website of Indian Passport, you can also get the status of your passport application from a large number of other sites. There are many fraudulent sites that do not give the correct information. Hence, it is advised to always visit the government’s official website to know the exact passport application status.

Hence, if you are one among those who are waiting for their passport to reach your destination, you can find out the status of your passport application with the comfort of your house. There are a number of websites that allow you to track the status of your passport application. But, to get the correct information in this regard, you must visit the official site on the web for passports in India. You can keep a track of the status of the passport application any time after you visit the Passport Seva Kendra. It is also necessary for all the applicants to keep the acknowledgment safe as it is highly necessary to track the passport application status.